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GBMSDG Meetings Past


NovNEU Bioanalytical Training FacilityMak SaitoTargeted Metaproteomics of Marine Microbes from the Equatorial Pacific to Antarctica: Developing a Capability to Detect Global Ocean Changes
OctGBMSDG, VRS Recruiting, and Boston Children's HospitalMatthias MannImaging Mass Spectrometry: Molecular Microscopy for Biology and Medicine
SepAnnual Corporate NightRichard M. Caprioli, PhDImaging Mass Spectrometry: Molecular Microscopy for Biology and Medicine
JunGBMSDG and BrukerProf. Richard VachetMultiplexed tracking and imaging of nanoparticles in biological samples using mass spectrometry
May17th Annual Joint Symposium with
Lingjun LiAdvancing Neuroscience Research with a Multi-faceted MS-based Platform
David McCalleyUnderstanding the retention mechanism and peak shape effects in hydrophilic interaction chromatography
AprAgilentJohn A. McLeanTargeting the untargeted: Structural mass spectrometry for the analysis of complex samples in systems, synthetic, and chemical biology
MarJoint Seminar at Novartis with
CyTOF Interest Group
Professor Mark NitzNew reagents for mass cytometry: low molecular weight probes to open new dimensions
Vladimir Baranov, PhDExplaining Mass Cytometry to a mass spectroscopist

DecPfizerDr. Donald Hunttitle
NovNew ObjectiveDr. Susan WeintraubBack to the Future: Lipids Are "In" Again
OctCorporate NightCarlito B. LebrillaComprehensive Structural analysis of glycans and protein glycosylation - mass spectrometry guiding functional studies
JunWhaling MuseumA Family Event sponsored by GBMSDG
May16th Annual Joint Symposium with
Ryan DaniellBuilding linear ion traps for the Mars rovers
Chuck LucyDevelopment and Understanding of Carbon Phases for Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography
AprAgilent TechnologiesDr. Sushmita (Mimi)RoyApplication of label-free discovery proteomics followed by MRM in evaluating sample quality: from blood specimen collection to host cell proteins in biologics
MarBruker DaltonicsNathalie Agar, Ph.D.Mass Spectrometry Imaging for Brain Tumors: Molecular Pathology and Drug Development

NovNew ObjectiveShane NeedhamFusing the HPLC Column and the ESI Source for Optimal MS and Chromatographic Performance
OctCorporate NightProfessor Steven Gygi, Harvard UniversityProteomics as a Multiplexed Biological Assay
SeptWatersProfessor Matthew BushNative MS:Ionization, Ion Mobility, and the Mammalian Circadian Clock
JunBrukerProfessor L.N.Galltalk title
May15th Annual Joint Symposium with
Professor Graham CooksQuant. by Ambient Ioniz.: Drugs in Whole Blood, Lipids in Tissue
Professor Pauline RuddAutomated Glycan Analysis for Integrated Biology
AprAgilentProfessor Philip Britz-McKibbinNew Advances in Capillary Electrophoresis-Mass Spectrometry for Metabolomics: Individual Responses to Lifestyle Intervention for Disease Prevention
MarThermoScientificWilson Shou, PhDUtility of HRMS & Metabolite Software Tools for Metabolic Stability Assays & Metabolite Screening
FebNovartisScott Busby, PhDSharks with Laser Beams: Implementation of an Automated MALDI High-Throughput Screening System for Drug Discovery

NovNew ObjectiveAlexander IvanovAdvancing Sensitivity of MS-Based Proteomics: One Step at a Time
OctCorporate NightJohn Yates III
SeptWatersAllen Annis, Ph.D.Exploring the Drug Properties of Stapled Helical Peptides by Mass Spectrometry
May14th Annual Joint Symposium with
Professor Joseph Pesek
David E. Clemmer
AprAgilentDavid Colquhoun, Ph.D.Targeting Biologically Critical Domains; Unraveling Malaria Transmission and HIV Pathogenesis
MarBruker DaltonicsMatthew S. ThompsonApplication of Ultrahigh-Resolution Mass Spectrometry to the Characterization of Antibody Biotherapeutics
JanNovartis Institutes for Biomendical ResearchDr. Markus StoeckliAbout Tissues, Mass Spectrometry and Imaging

NovCorporate NightNeil Kelleher, Ph.D.Building a Framework for Proteomics to Support the Weight of Investment
OctPerkin-ElmerCraig Whitehouse, Ph.D.Exploring Fundamental Mechanisms in Electrospray Ionization to optimize Electrospray LC/MS performance
SeptWatersJohn R. Engen, Ph.D.Hydrogen exchange MS: Where have we been and where are we going?
AugCo-Sponsored by the Northeastern Section of the American Chemical SocietySummer Picnic to celebrate IYC2011
May13th Annual Joint Symposium with
Daniel ArmstrongIonic Liquids in Separations and Mass Spectrometry, A New Frontier
Marvin VestalThe Future of LC/MS/MS for Biological Applications
AprAgilentDr. Bernd WollscheidCaught in the act: ligand-based receptor capturing (LRC) on living cells
MarBruker DaltonicsJohn V. FrangioniRobotic Chemistry and High-Throughput MALDI-TOF for Small Molecule Drug Discovery in Oncology
JanNovartis Institutes for Biomendical ResearchForest WhiteBiological Insights from Quantitative Analysis of Cellular Signaling Networks

NovNew ObjectiveNathan YatesDifferential Mass Spectrometry Identifies Candidate Markers for Alzheimer's Disease in Humans
OctCorporate NightWalter KorfmacherMass Spectrometry as the Premier Analytical Tool in Drug Discovery and Drug Development
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Corporate Night Photos
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AugGBMSDG Summer Poster Picnic
May12th Annual Joint Symposium with
Peter SchoenmakersLiquid Chromatography: 2D or not 2D?
George PretiAnalyses of Volatile Organic Compounds from Humans: looking back to move forward.
AprWatersBrandon RuotoloApplying Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry to Frontier Challenges in Structural Biology
MarAgilentSteven GrossUntargeted Plasma Profiling for Discovery of Metabolic Derangements that Arise from Gene Mutations and Drug Treatments
FebAcceleronJohn AsaraProteomics in the Cretaceous
JanNovartisPeter JuhaszSystems Level Molecular Studies of Disease & Drug Effects

NovNew ObjectiveJarrod MartoMultidimensional Fractionation Strategies for Quantitative Proteomics
OctCorporate NightJoshua J. CoonHow hybrid mass spectrometers with multiple analyzers and dissociation methods will transform protein sequence analysis
SepBruker DaltonicsJonathan SweedlerUsing Mass Spectrometry to Measure the Chemistry of the Brain
JunGBMSDGSabine BeckerBio-Imaging of Metals in Thin Tissue Sections of Brain by Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) Combined to Metallomics The New Challenge for Neuroscience
May11th Annual Joint Symposium with
AprAgilentPaul R. WestPredicting Human Developmental Toxicity Using Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Metabolomics
MarWyethAlan G. MarshallReading Chemical "Fine Print": The Key to Exploiting Nature's Isotopic Complexity
FebGBMSDGRichard W. VachetInsight into β-2-Microglobulin Amyloid Fibril Formation using Mass Spectrometry
JanGBMSDGCatherine CostelloRevolutions in Mass Spectrometry-Based Glycoprotein Analysis

NovNew ObjectiveMichael MacCossTargeted and Discovery Based Proteomics: Complementary Approaches to Differential Proteomics
OctCorporate NightAlfred YergeySpectral Variability - Why We Don't Get Better Answers
SepWatersDavid ClemmerUsing structural transitions to separate proteins in the gas phase: Developing IMS-IMS-MS
May10th Annual Joint Symposium with
Milton LeeAnalytical Gradient Separation Methods
Ronald OrlandoFeeding the World to Curing Cancer: the Ever Expanding Role of Glycoproteomics
MarThermoFisher and GenzymeDaniel MagieraApproaches to Bioanalysis: Parallel Separations and On-line Sample Cleanup
FebGBMSDGJerrod MartoQuantitative Analysis of Protein Complexes and Signaling Cascades: Model Systems to Stem Cells

DecBrandeis UniversityJeff AgarTop-down for the masses: protein identification across MS platforms
OctCorporate NightGary SiuzdakNovel Approaches to Global Metabolomics
SepBruker DaltonicsPeter O'ConnorCryogenic FTICRMS
May9th Annual Joint Symposium with
Robert KennedyHigh-Throughput Separations
Julie LearyAdvancing the Frontiers of Structural Biology; Mass Spectrometry of Biological Binding Partners
AprAstraZenecaJack HenionChip-Based Nano Electrospray Mass Spectrometry: Background and Applications for Studies in the Life Sciences
AprNew ObjectiveJim StephensonThe Role of Peptide Isoelectric Point in Proteomics: from pI Prediction to Gene Finding and Analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms
MarThermo Fisher ScientificShalender BhasinCurrent Hurdles and Opportunities in the Widespread Application of LC-MS/MS-based Hormone Assays in Clinical Practice
FebMcKinley ScientificMike LeeFuture Directions in Quantitative Mass Spectrometry
JanWatersJohn EngenProtein Confirmation and Dynamics by Mass Spectrometry"

DecApplied BiosystemsMartin LatterichComparative quantitation of biomarkers using MRM approaches
NovBruker DaltonicsIgor KaltashovWhen the Mass Does Not Matter: Characterization of Protein Higher Order Structure by Mass Spectrometry
OctShire HGTRichard CaprioliImaging Mass Spectrometry
SepAgilentPierre ThibaultMicrofluidics Devices with Integrated Separation Modules; Expression Profiling Approaches for Bottom-Up and Top-down Proteomics Analyses
AugBeyond Genomics MedicineMichael GraysonHistory of Mass Spectrometry
May8th Annual Joint Symposium with
Joseph LooMass Spectrometry and Droplets:  Elucidation of Protein Sequence and Complexes
Milos NovotnyCombining the Strengths of Separation Science and Mass Spectrometry in Solving Structural Problems in Glycobiology
AprWyeth BiopharmaceuticalsScott McluckeyGas-Phase Ion/Ion Reactions: Novel Chemistries For Bio-Analysis Using Mass Spectrometry
MarAstraZenecaGary Van BerkelDesorption Electrospray and Surface Sampling Probe Approaches to Mass Spectrometric Sampling and Imaging of Surfaces
FebImmunogenDavid LubmanSearching for Markers of Cancer Using a 2-D Liquid Mapping Technique and Mass Spectrometry

SepMcKinley ScientificJoe ZaiaPrinciples and Practice of Mass Spectrometry for Glycomics
May7th Annual Joint Symposium with
Jonathan SweedlerUnderstanding neurochemistry neuron by neuron:mass spectrometry and separations for neuroscience research
Fred McLaffertyMass Spectrometry of Biomolecules

DecUniversity of New HampshireDonald F. HuntComparative analysis of phosphoproteins, the histone code and an approach towards a vaccine against cancer
NovThermo FinniganMatthias MannOrganellar and Signalling Proteomics with a linear ion trap Fourier Transform mass spectrometer (LTQ-FT)
May6th Annual Joint Symposium with
Norm DovichiTwo-dimensional Capillary Electrophoresis Separation of Complex Protein Samples
Catherine CostelloMass Spectrometry Research in the Medical Arena: Refining Our Tools and Seeking the Secrets of Nature
AprBruker DaltonicsPaul Tempst
MarCorporate Night
FebBruker DaltonicsKarl ClauserThe role of phosphoproteomics in advancing kinase targets through drug development

DecPraecis PharmaceuticalsForest WhitePhosphoproteome Analysis by Mass Spectrometry
NovWatersJeremy NicholsonUnderstanding global systems biology via metabonomic analysis
OctApplied BiosystemsEdward TakachUsing MALDI TOF/TOF MS/MS to Provide Simultaneous Drug/Metabolite Quantification and identification
JulBruker DaltonicsJohn B. Fenn
May5th Annual Joint Symposium with
Ed YeungHigh Throughput Screening Based on Multiplexed CE and Absorption Detection
Stephen NaylorThe Role of Mass Spectrometry in Systems Biology
AprBiogenDr. Pete WishnokProtein and DNA interactions with genotoxins. Analysis by traditional and not-so-traditional mass spectrometry
AprCorporate Night
FebThermo FinniganPaul VourosTrace analysis of biopharmaceutical compounds using micro LC-MS techniques

OctApplied BiosystemsDarryl PappinDerivatizationof peptides to facilitate de novo sequencing
SepBoston University School of MedicinePeter O'ConnorAdvantages, challenges, and solutions in the design of cryogenic FTMS
May4th Annual Joint Symposium with
David HageRapid affinity analyis in the millisecond-to-second time domain
Steve CarrFunctional proteomics in drug discovery
MarCorporate Night
FebGenzymeSteven GygiBrand New Approaches to Protein Quantification and Characterization

DecApplied BiosystemsJennifer CampbellAutomated MALDI-TOF-TOF for High-Throughput Protein Identification and Characterization
SepMilliporeMalcolm Pluskal Development of a multiwell in-gel digest kit and microscale sample preparation for protein characterization by MS
Mike ColmanHigh-throughput sample preparation for SNP genotyping analysis by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry
JulBruker DaltonicsTom BrennaHigh precision isotope ratio mass spectrometry for high sensitivity tracer studies of polyunsaturated fatty acid metabolism in perinatal primates (including humans)
May3rd Annual Joint Symposium with
Roland AnnanThe Prospects and Challenges of Proteomics
William HancockProteomics: A New Challenge for Separation Science
MarCorporate Night

DecMicromassAllen AnnisAn Affinity Selection - Mass Spectral Method for the Identification of Small Molecule Ligands from Self-Encoded Combinatorial Libraries
NovApplied BiosystemsPeter Roepstorf Proteomics: Where are we and where do we go?
Ole Norregaard JensenNew approaches to phosphopeptide and phosphoprotein analysis by MS and MS/MS
Finn KirpekarRNA analysis by MALDI-MS and MALDI-MS/MS
OctMillennium PharmaceuticalsJoe ZaiaIdentification of functionally relevant glycosaminoglycan sub-structures using mass spectrometry