GBMSDG Meeting Archive

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Jan NEU Biopharmaceutical Analysis Training Laboratory and GBMSDG Professor Kerri Pratt Novel Applications of Mass Spectrometry to Atmospheric Chemistry

Oct Corporate Night (@ 908 Devices) Professor Rick Yost The Triple Quadrupole: Innovation, Serendipity and Persistence
May Vertex Pharmaceuticals and GBMSDG Professor Ruedi Aebersold The Modular Proteome and its Significance

Dec 908 Devices Professor Nikolai Slavov Transformative Opportunities for Single Cell Proteomics
Mar Bruker and Harvard Medical School Dr. Steve Castellino MALDI Imaging MS in Pharma: Snapshots of the Past, Present and Future

Nov Pfizer Andover Professor Michael Gross Mass Spectrometry-based Structural Proteomics Solves Problems in Biochemistry and Biotherapeutics
Oct Corporate Night Professor Vicki Wysocki Native MS in Structural Biology
Jun Waters and Astra Zeneca Dr. Jonathan Wingfield Development of a Novel High Throughput Mass Spectrometry Platform. Taking a Sound Idea and Turning it into Reality
Mar Agilent and Vertex Pharmaceuticals Dr. Erin Baker Increasing Molecular Coverage in Complex Biological & Environmental Samples Using Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry
Feb Bruker and Novartis Professor Pieter Dorrestein Microbial Communities

Oct Pfizer Andover Professor J. Michael Ramsey Microfabricated Technologies for Addressing Bioanalytical Measurement Problems
Sep Corporate Night Professor Scott McLucky Electrostatic Linear Ion Trap (Tandem) Mass Spectrometry: The Development of a Versatile Technology for MSn
Jun Shire and GBMSDGSponsor Professor Cheng Lin In vacuo Decomposition and in silico Reassembly of Glycans
May Joint MASSEP/GBMSDG Symposium Professor Lloyd Smith Proteoform Families: A New Currency for Proteomics?
April Agilent and Pfizer Andover Dr. Greg Kilby LC-MS Approaches for the Determination of Non-Derivatized – N-linked Glycan Profiles, Monosaccharide Composition, and Amino Acid Composition of Monoclonal Antibodies
March SCIEX Professor Leslie Hicks Interrogation of Post-translational Regulation in C. reinhardtii via Mass Spectrometric Proteomics Approaches

Nov NEU Bioanalytical Training Facility Mak Saito Targeted Metaproteomics of Marine Microbes from the Equatorial Pacific to Antarctica: Developing a Capability to Detect Global Ocean Changes
Oct GBMSDG, VRS Recruiting, and Boston Children’s Hospital Matthias Mann Imaging Mass Spectrometry: Molecular Microscopy for Biology and Medicine
Sep Annual Corporate Night Richard M. Caprioli, PhD Imaging Mass Spectrometry: Molecular Microscopy for Biology and Medicine
Jun GBMSDG and Bruker Prof. Richard Vachet Multiplexed tracking and imaging of nanoparticles in biological samples using mass spectrometry
May 17th Annual Joint Symposium with
Lingjun Li Advancing Neuroscience Research with a Multi-faceted MS-based Platform
David McCalley Understanding the retention mechanism and peak shape effects in hydrophilic interaction chromatography
Apr Agilent John A. McLean Targeting the untargeted: Structural mass spectrometry for the analysis of complex samples in systems, synthetic, and chemical biology
Mar Joint Seminar at Novartis with 
CyTOF Interest Group
Professor Mark Nitz New reagents for mass cytometry: low molecular weight probes to open new dimensions
Vladimir Baranov, PhD Explaining Mass Cytometry to a mass spectroscopist

Dec Pfizer Dr. Donald Hunt Untitled
Nov New Objective Dr. Susan Weintraub Back to the Future: Lipids Are “In” Again
Oct Corporate Night Carlito B. Lebrilla Comprehensive Structural analysis of glycans and protein glycosylation – mass spectrometry guiding functional studies
Jun Whaling Museum   A Family Event sponsored by GBMSDG
May 16th Annual Joint Symposium with
Ryan Daniell Building linear ion traps for the Mars rovers
Chuck Lucy Development and Understanding of Carbon Phases for Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography
Apr Agilent Technologies Dr. Sushmita (Mimi)Roy Application of label-free discovery proteomics followed by MRM in evaluating sample quality: from blood specimen collection to host cell proteins in biologics
Mar Bruker Daltonics Nathalie Agar, Ph.D. Mass Spectrometry Imaging for Brain Tumors: Molecular Pathology and Drug Development

Nov New Objective Shane Needham Fusing the HPLC Column and the ESI Source for Optimal MS and Chromatographic Performance
Oct Corporate Night Professor Steven Gygi, Harvard University Proteomics as a Multiplexed Biological Assay
Sept Waters Professor Matthew Bush Native MS:Ionization, Ion Mobility, and the Mammalian Circadian Clock
Jun Bruker Professor L.N.Gall Untitled
May 15th Annual Joint Symposium with
Professor Graham Cooks Quant. by Ambient Ioniz.: Drugs in Whole Blood, Lipids in Tissue
Professor Pauline Rudd Automated Glycan Analysis for Integrated Biology
Apr Agilent Professor Philip Britz-McKibbin New Advances in Capillary Electrophoresis-Mass Spectrometry for Metabolomics: Individual Responses to Lifestyle Intervention for Disease Prevention
Mar ThermoScientific Wilson Shou, PhD Utility of HRMS & Metabolite Software Tools for Metabolic Stability Assays & Metabolite Screening
Feb Novartis Scott Busby, PhD Sharks with Laser Beams: Implementation of an Automated MALDI High-Throughput Screening System for Drug Discovery

Nov New Objective Alexander Ivanov Advancing Sensitivity of MS-Based Proteomics: One Step at a Time
Oct Corporate Night John Yates III Untitled
Sept Waters Allen Annis, Ph.D. Exploring the Drug Properties of Stapled Helical Peptides by Mass Spectrometry
May 14th Annual Joint Symposium with
Professor Joseph Pesek
David E. Clemmer
Apr Agilent David Colquhoun, Ph.D. Targeting Biologically Critical Domains; Unraveling Malaria Transmission and HIV Pathogenesis
Mar Bruker Daltonics Matthew S. Thompson Application of Ultrahigh-Resolution Mass Spectrometry to the Characterization of Antibody Biotherapeutics
Jan Novartis Institutes for Biomendical Research Dr. Markus Stoeckli About Tissues, Mass Spectrometry and Imaging

Nov Corporate Night Neil Kelleher, Ph.D. Building a Framework for Proteomics to Support the Weight of Investment
Oct Perkin-Elmer Craig Whitehouse, Ph.D. Exploring Fundamental Mechanisms in Electrospray Ionization to optimize Electrospray LC/MS performance
Sept Waters John R. Engen, Ph.D. Hydrogen exchange MS: Where have we been and where are we going?
Aug Co-Sponsored by the Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society Summer Picnic to celebrate IYC2011
May 13th Annual Joint Symposium with
Daniel Armstrong Ionic Liquids in Separations and Mass Spectrometry, A New Frontier
Marvin Vestal The Future of LC/MS/MS for Biological Applications
Apr Agilent Dr. Bernd Wollscheid Caught in the act: ligand-based receptor capturing (LRC) on living cells
Mar Bruker Daltonics John V. Frangioni Robotic Chemistry and High-Throughput MALDI-TOF for Small Molecule Drug Discovery in Oncology
Jan Novartis Institutes for Biomendical Research Forest White Biological Insights from Quantitative Analysis of Cellular Signaling Networks

Nov New Objective Nathan Yates Differential Mass Spectrometry Identifies Candidate Markers for Alzheimer’s Disease in Humans
Oct Corporate Night Walter Korfmacher Mass Spectrometry as the Premier Analytical Tool in Drug Discovery and Drug Development
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Corporate Night Photos
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Aug GBMSDG   Summer Poster Picnic
May 12th Annual Joint Symposium with
Peter Schoenmakers Liquid Chromatography: 2D or not 2D?
George Preti Analyses of Volatile Organic Compounds from Humans: looking back to move forward.
Apr Waters Brandon Ruotolo Applying Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry to Frontier Challenges in Structural Biology
Mar Agilent Steven Gross Untargeted Plasma Profiling for Discovery of Metabolic Derangements that Arise from Gene Mutations and Drug Treatments
Feb Acceleron John Asara Proteomics in the Cretaceous
Jan Novartis Peter Juhasz Systems Level Molecular Studies of Disease & Drug Effects

Nov New Objective Jarrod Marto Multidimensional Fractionation Strategies for Quantitative Proteomics
Oct Corporate Night Joshua J. Coon How hybrid mass spectrometers with multiple analyzers and dissociation methods will transform protein sequence analysis
Sep Bruker Daltonics Jonathan Sweedler Using Mass Spectrometry to Measure the Chemistry of the Brain
Jun GBMSDG Sabine Becker Bio-Imaging of Metals in Thin Tissue Sections of Brain by Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) Combined to Metallomics The New Challenge for Neuroscience
May 11th Annual Joint Symposium with
Apr Agilent Paul R. West Predicting Human Developmental Toxicity Using Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Metabolomics
Mar Wyeth Alan G. Marshall Reading Chemical “Fine Print”: The Key to Exploiting Nature’s Isotopic Complexity
Feb GBMSDG Richard W. Vachet Insight into β-2-Microglobulin Amyloid Fibril Formation using Mass Spectrometry
Jan GBMSDG Catherine Costello Revolutions in Mass Spectrometry-Based Glycoprotein Analysis

Nov New Objective Michael MacCoss Targeted and Discovery Based Proteomics: Complementary Approaches to Differential Proteomics
Oct Corporate Night Alfred Yergey Spectral Variability – Why We Don’t Get Better Answers
Sep Waters David Clemmer Using structural transitions to separate proteins in the gas phase: Developing IMS-IMS-MS
May 10th Annual Joint Symposium with
Milton Lee Analytical Gradient Separation Methods
Ronald Orlando Feeding the World to Curing Cancer: the Ever Expanding Role of Glycoproteomics
Mar ThermoFisher and Genzyme Daniel Magiera Approaches to Bioanalysis: Parallel Separations and On-line Sample Cleanup
Feb GBMSDG Jerrod Marto Quantitative Analysis of Protein Complexes and Signaling Cascades: Model Systems to Stem Cells

Dec Brandeis University Jeff Agar Top-down for the masses: protein identification across MS platforms
Oct Corporate Night Gary Siuzdak Novel Approaches to Global Metabolomics
Sep Bruker Daltonics Peter O’Connor Cryogenic FTICRMS
May 9th Annual Joint Symposium with
Robert Kennedy High-Throughput Separations
Julie Leary Advancing the Frontiers of Structural Biology; Mass Spectrometry of Biological Binding Partners
Apr AstraZeneca Jack Henion Chip-Based Nano Electrospray Mass Spectrometry: Background and Applications for Studies in the Life Sciences
Apr New Objective Jim Stephenson The Role of Peptide Isoelectric Point in Proteomics: from pI Prediction to Gene Finding and Analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms
Mar Thermo Fisher Scientific Shalender Bhasin Current Hurdles and Opportunities in the Widespread Application of LC-MS/MS-based Hormone Assays in Clinical Practice
Feb McKinley Scientific Mike Lee Future Directions in Quantitative Mass Spectrometry
Jan Waters John Engen Protein Confirmation and Dynamics by Mass Spectrometry”

Dec Applied Biosystems Martin Latterich Comparative quantitation of biomarkers using MRM approaches
Nov Bruker Daltonics Igor Kaltashov When the Mass Does Not Matter: Characterization of Protein Higher Order Structure by Mass Spectrometry
Oct Shire HGT Richard Caprioli Imaging Mass Spectrometry
Sep Agilent Pierre Thibault Microfluidics Devices with Integrated Separation Modules; Expression Profiling Approaches for Bottom-Up and Top-down Proteomics Analyses
Aug Beyond Genomics Medicine Michael Grayson History of Mass Spectrometry
May 8th Annual Joint Symposium with
Joseph Loo Mass Spectrometry and Droplets:  Elucidation of Protein Sequence and Complexes
Milos Novotny Combining the Strengths of Separation Science and Mass Spectrometry in Solving Structural Problems in Glycobiology
Apr Wyeth Biopharmaceuticals Scott Mcluckey Gas-Phase Ion/Ion Reactions: Novel Chemistries For Bio-Analysis Using Mass Spectrometry
Mar AstraZeneca Gary Van Berkel Desorption Electrospray and Surface Sampling Probe Approaches to Mass Spectrometric Sampling and Imaging of Surfaces
Feb Immunogen David Lubman Searching for Markers of Cancer Using a 2-D Liquid Mapping Technique and Mass Spectrometry

Sep McKinley Scientific Joe Zaia Principles and Practice of Mass Spectrometry for Glycomics
May 7th Annual Joint Symposium with
Jonathan Sweedler Understanding neurochemistry neuron by neuron:mass spectrometry and separations for neuroscience research
Fred McLafferty Mass Spectrometry of Biomolecules

Dec University of New Hampshire Donald F. Hunt Comparative analysis of phosphoproteins, the histone code and an approach towards a vaccine against cancer
Nov Thermo Finnigan Matthias Mann Organellar and Signalling Proteomics with a linear ion trap Fourier Transform mass spectrometer (LTQ-FT)
May 6th Annual Joint Symposium with
Norm Dovichi Two-dimensional Capillary Electrophoresis Separation of Complex Protein Samples
Catherine Costello Mass Spectrometry Research in the Medical Arena: Refining Our Tools and Seeking the Secrets of Nature
Apr Bruker Daltonics Paul Tempst Untitled
Mar Corporate Night
Feb Bruker Daltonics Karl Clauser The role of phosphoproteomics in advancing kinase targets through drug development

Dec Praecis Pharmaceuticals Forest White Phosphoproteome Analysis by Mass Spectrometry
Nov Waters Jeremy Nicholson Understanding global systems biology via metabonomic analysis
Oct Applied Biosystems Edward Takach Using MALDI TOF/TOF MS/MS to Provide Simultaneous Drug/Metabolite Quantification and identification
Jul Bruker Daltonics John B. Fenn Untitled
May 5th Annual Joint Symposium with
Ed Yeung High Throughput Screening Based on Multiplexed CE and Absorption Detection
Stephen Naylor The Role of Mass Spectrometry in Systems Biology
Apr Biogen Dr. Pete Wishnok Protein and DNA interactions with genotoxins. Analysis by traditional and not-so-traditional mass spectrometry
Apr Corporate Night
Feb Thermo Finnigan Paul Vouros Trace analysis of biopharmaceutical compounds using micro LC-MS techniques

Oct Applied Biosystems Darryl Pappin Derivatizationof peptides to facilitate de novo sequencing
Sep Boston University School of Medicine Peter O’Connor Advantages, challenges, and solutions in the design of cryogenic FTMS
May 4th Annual Joint Symposium with
David Hage Rapid affinity analyis in the millisecond-to-second time domain
Steve Carr Functional proteomics in drug discovery
Mar Corporate Night
Feb Genzyme Steven Gygi Brand New Approaches to Protein Quantification and Characterization

Dec Applied Biosystems Jennifer Campbell Automated MALDI-TOF-TOF for High-Throughput Protein Identification and Characterization
Sep Millipore Malcolm Pluskal Development of a multiwell in-gel digest kit and microscale sample preparation for protein characterization by MS
Mike Colman High-throughput sample preparation for SNP genotyping analysis by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry
Jul Bruker Daltonics Tom Brenna High precision isotope ratio mass spectrometry for high sensitivity tracer studies of polyunsaturated fatty acid metabolism in perinatal primates (including humans)
May 3rd Annual Joint Symposium with
Roland Annan The Prospects and Challenges of Proteomics
William Hancock Proteomics: A New Challenge for Separation Science
Mar Corporate Night

Dec Micromass Allen Annis An Affinity Selection – Mass Spectral Method for the Identification of Small Molecule Ligands from Self-Encoded Combinatorial Libraries
Nov Applied Biosystems Peter Roepstorf Proteomics: Where are we and where do we go?
Ole Norregaard Jensen New approaches to phosphopeptide and phosphoprotein analysis by MS and MS/MS
Finn Kirpekar RNA analysis by MALDI-MS and MALDI-MS/MS
Oct Millennium Pharmaceuticals Joe Zaia Identification of functionally relevant glycosaminoglycan sub-structures using mass spectrometry